Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Slow stitchers take heart

Checking around Shibori online I came across an entry for Slow Fibre this is of interest to me as one of my self critisisms is how slowly my work develops.... anything that encourages the acceptance of slow stitching would suit me very well....

Although I couldn't find a definition of the philosophies of slow fibre - I did see that they link the movement or project to the Slow Food movement and after reading their philosophies I have written my own definition for Slow Fibre

Slow fibre is designed to counteract poor quality, rapidly produced textiles. It encourages the use of local materials and ancient traditional techniques. It encourages textile artists to investigate local artisans and their methods. It encourages people to take an interest in the fabrics and threads they wear or come across in utilitarian objects or art. These interests will invite people to understand how textiles plays a part in the lives of people throughout the world and how we all relate to each other through fabrics and threads.

If you know a better definition do let me know.

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