Friday, November 27, 2009

Shibori 16

This is a nudibranch - stitched shibori worm.
People who have seen this worm are only too keen to handle it and 'play' with it. Which is very encouraging for an interactive installation - any galleries reading please get in touch!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The stabilised parts become more flexible on handling and I am very keen to make one of these much much longer, and rounder!
the colours and bizarreness are in keeping with Nudibranchs I know and love....


Jackie said...

I liked this until I clicked on the nudibranch link! Too much like slugs for me..I know I know..they are bright colours but still....
(Verification word is 'milmism'. Any relation?)

Karin Millson said...

Oh please don't hold it against them, they aren't slugs at all, they leave no slimy string in their wake... and believe me I know how awful slugs are - we used to have them crawling across the carpet in our student flat... Ah those were the days.
Yes, you were lucky with the verification word... designed for the 2000920001st
visitor to my blog!
And my verif. word dequilif - $%^&*(*
Thanks for the comment