Thursday, October 15, 2009

Seminar At Jack James High School

Some of the Grade 12 Students (names withheld to protect their privacy - but they are great students) show pride in their work, and below Larissa (see next post) at work too.

Last week I took a couple of files of samples (work developed after a long association with Sian Martin ) over to Jack James High School in NE calgary to do a show and tell and hands on seminar with the Grade 12 Sewing Course students.
The morning went very well with the students well-prepared by their teacher Amanda Elia. By the end of the class (8am-12noon) the students were well into it, having produced some lovely samples using burning tools they had made out of wire, soldering irons and hobby wood-burning tools.
It was a great experience for me to be with these kids and I do hope they take the work further, as they were discussing, using the technique for panels on bags.
I also showed one or two pieces of shibori and sure enough one of the students latched onto that, seeing its potential in one of her outfits (a dress in polka dot fabric), which could be brightened up with a shibori belt. Good for her! I know that shibori is a very exciting method and would provide a lovely theme to another seminar.
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