Thursday, October 1, 2009

Calgary visit and watercolour

Window dressed at Holt Renfrew - note the beads as grains of ?sand in the geological layering juxtaposed with the fossils.
This week I missed a lecture by Judy Chicago at the Glenbow - if anyone was there please tell me a little about what went on... I also missed a one hour lecture by the Dalai Lama at the Saddledome and that seems as unreal to me as it probably does to you...

However the Calgary Art Gallery has an exhibition of work by many embroiderers and textile artists, they have worked designs by Judy Chicago, on the theme of Birth. So if you want to see excellently executed works, they are there. The accompanying films are very interesting, especially the one about her 8 year research and art works on The Holocaust. And "The Fall" a tapestry weaving from that collection is on show and worth the entrance fee in itself.

I will go back - the show is on till January - to view the birth-works in more detail, but they are quite enlightening and frequently disturbing in content.

I continue my interest in the abstract and have uploaded a watercolour just created and now drying before more detail is added.


arlee said...

I pass by those windows every day on the bus on the way home and wondered about them--i shall have to go the other way to actually look at them!
I had no idea they were so detailed---*that* window dresser has a great hand and imagination.

Karin Millson said...

and great opportunity as window dressing appears to be a great vehicle for the creative. Although I suppose one is always working to someone else's specs. I wonder if it is a satisfying and well-paid job at the high end... who does the windows in the flower factory Arlee?