Sunday, March 1, 2009

Scientific stitchery

The swirling melting stew that is the potage of motor neurons in the brain has caused a concept breakthrough... Yeh!
How did this happen?
I put a widget on my blog that shows SEM images of natural sources. I go to Contextural and have my work compared to that of the weaver Bev Hisey who lets the contents of petri dishes inspire her work - organic again. I stitch worms and funghi in plastic, thread and fabric and take natural environments as my sources. Then I create the 'beads' of previous post. Then I sleep.
When I wake up I have a vision of the beads as chromosomes. I go online to check that I have 'learnt my lines' according to Richard Box and I find I have.
Check out.... ........- Sorry about quality - nice though!, don't you think, very medical, could be lozenge tablets if they weren't chromosomes.

Now the beads have a true purpose. (not for jewelry just yet) I will create the chromosomes of creatures unknown and display them (wall mounted) in symbolic petri-dishes... and they have lots of potential for being ornamented with coloured stripes, lumps and bumps as chromosomes.


arlee said...

OOO i like that idea!!!! It would be interesting to see if you could "build" certain organisms as a concept this way.

arlee said...

Hmmm, just realized this morn that my current WIP reminds me of this and of Jude Hill's work!
Thanks :}