Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Fresh starts...

It still amazes me that a few colours can produce such a variety of shades and other colours when they blend... here an assortment of papers created by wet on wet and folding and tie-dye methods of colouring.
These I will use as base papers for stitch and ink.

New? use for tags from Safeway - a quick and easy way to keep those space dyed threads from tangling.

Discovered the work of Hannah Streefkerk - www.waanwaar.nl member of 62 Group and she put me on to www.artinnature.org.  I love the work of many artists from that site and want to do some site specific pieces here in Alberta. See below the pirate's shawl I made in Oman which has been hung on the palm, draped over fishing boats and has been lapped by the Arabian Sea to name a few sites it has enjoyed. Right now it is in a box in the work room... hohum.

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