Monday, October 13, 2008

Icy river's edge

This item was made in 15 minutes using the embellisher machine.
I am impressed by how the machine allows creation of a textural surface to work into and how the back and front are very different. The back providing a more muted image.

The image reminds me of the edge of a partly frozen river, like the ones we visited at Elbow falls beaver interpretative trail.


Jackie said...

I notice you are following my blog and I am really pleased and have enjoyed reading yours. My bloglist is getting so long I may not be back for a while but please forgive me my absense. Do you know Arlee form Albedo design journal? She lives in Calgary too. She's on my sidebar. Nice to meet you.

arlee said...

HELOO HELLO ---and thank you Boths!!!

Karen, i'm enjoying very much what i see here!
Elbow Falls is fabulous for inspiration and a great place to recharge as well.

Karin Millson said...

It is a breakthrough for me to have visitors such as yourselves looking in and commenting. Thanks very much you have made my day.