Monday, September 22, 2008

Fish card

This one just took shape in my hands and became carp in a stream for some reason... I have no idea why.
I made it with Maaike my new friend in Calgary in mind as she travels to The Netherlands at a difficult time. I couldn't send it quickly enough but it will await her on her return.

Best wishes Maaike.

Layering, stitching hand and machine, attacking with a heat tool (of course), shadow quilting (I suppose), beading (a little).

The lady at the post office in Britannia Place didn't bat an eyelid when I went to frank Deborah's card... "Oh, no problem." she said, "I have seen this sort of thing before. Have a great afternoon."

1 comment:

arlee said...

Ya know what---bet the other pieces she's seen were mine!!!!! Too funny!!!!!