Friday, October 23, 2015

How long have I been doing this?

Thread swatches from 1987
The Stephen Simpson  works (1829) closed its doors in May 2009.  My samples date from 1987.
I did buy some thread from them but hardly used it during my City and Guilds as Goldwork didn't form a huge part of the curriculum.
Instead I worked with copper wire mostly and it was a lot of fun sourcing that in Ruwi, Oman, where they wind their own transformers (the electrical kind not the sci fi variety).
Tidying in progress
 And this was after the great stitch in last week, (the floor had been swept clear mostly - those are the final sweepings!!!) where I completed the panels for EMP.
I will take a photo of the "That's it Sorted" studio when we have some sunshine again (today?) - It isn't that I have gone scarily eco-warrior and don't want to turn on a light, it is just that there are no (electric) lights in that room.

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