Tuesday, October 20, 2015

A development in my sewing direction.

I like computers. I don't deny it.
I like Macs in particular.
Wendy said that people talk  iMovie.down (opposite of taking it up I guess).
So I decided to try it.  Thanks to Youtube... Yes you can learn anything there. It took me a painful 30 minutes of listening to this guy showing the basics... (well we aren't all teachers are we?) and then I jumped right in.

And you know what - I think this is a natural progression from the macro photos I like to take of my work.... and then there was the Vimeo we made for Puppet Power 2013... thanks to Dan and Wendy, 'n'me.

Here is the outcome... of my baby steps into video editing.
Oh and I am not sure how to save for the blog.
(Internal dilemma : Should I post or shouldn't I ?????? Yes I should, this is only my blog for heavens sake, not Sundance!)
How can I make it bigger on the screen though??? Any advice out there....

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