Friday, October 23, 2015

Well, that's mindfulness for you....

I do not think mindfulness is over-rated. It is something that we should all be doing for our safety and the safety of those around us at the very least.  And if you are mindful, I believe, amazing things happen.
Yesterday I learned of a 'school of photography' called Contemplative Photography .  I have that book on order from Austin... the public library here is State-wide, can you believe it, and Texas (I heard) is big !!!!
Today I was Face-timing John in Vancouver, when I noticed what had happened when I put my glasses down on my notebook.  Even though there was little light in the room this morning there was an image asking to be recorded.

Karin Millson: Contemplative Photography No.1
Square format because I have been looking into pinhole cameras. And because it worked!  Which again I put down to working with a mindfulness.
And isn't it amazing that the words I had written at the top of the page were those of Andrew Logan: "Art can be discovered anywhere." Do you ever feel that things are synchronistic - well that is mindfulness for you.

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