Monday, June 20, 2011


WARNING: Because of the nature of the content of this blog entry you will see the captial letter 'I' some 20 times.... sorry for being so self-focussed here.
The outcomes of my weekend residence and involvement with ArtsPeak were numerous.

Here are some of them...  if you are interested.... and I don't list all the great things I learnt from  Roseanne at the breakfast table and in her studio.
<>As I drove home I approached the rain that enveloped Calgary on Sunday evening.  And drove under a rainbow and appreciated all that I have. 
<>I reached out to the large, active and diverse stitching and (currently) non-stitching  community of Canmore, learnt about their activities, desires and aspirations. 
<>I provided some demonstrations of Sewing Machine Abuse and Surface Decoration through Disperse Dyeing.
<>made contacts for future workshops in Canmore, Cochrane and Red Deer!!!  Wonderful opportunities for next academic year. There certainly appears to be a demand.  Please email me if you would like to hear news of these.
<>I learnt a lot from my fellow exhibitors - thanks for sharing.
<>I got advice on how to find somewhere that might be willing to exhibit my work.

<>I made new friends. And experienced the generosity of old friends.
<>I learnt how difficult it is to hang so many works when you are scared of heights.
<>I gave publicity to Contextural whilst meeting and hearing of local textile artists that I didn't know previously.
<>I was present at the inauguration of a wonderful piece of art that will stand in Canmore for ever!
<>I sold and was commissioned for more work than I had anticipated.  And because of these sales I can donate,  to the Canadian Mountain Arts Foundation, a small but healthy amount ( I consider it a healthy amount for one aspiring artist who had 'strange' work on sale to a viewing public that mostly likes landscape paintings!)
<><>I achieved a goal that I had set myself last summer and can now leave Calgary for summer to return in September and pick up the many threads, sew them together, create and embellish the  fabric of my life - I never underestimate how lucky I am to have such a life.


Tiffany Teske said...

It was AWESOME to meet you, Karin! I wish I could have learned from you. It was too hard to leave my studio but I do hope our paths with cross again because I KNOW I would be blown away by your talents :)

Karin Millson said...

We will certainly stay in touch, how can we not?
Thanks for doing that extra bit of tutorial while I ate my muffin! Love what you've got on Etsy.(subtle publicity there!)