Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Colourful day

Threw a wobbly at ACAD today.... Stress levels were relieved by 1) Arlee presenting me with a wonderful gift... Crayola fabric crayons... in pristine condition still in original wrapper.  Fortunately she doesn't know how much these are selling for on eBay and 2) her gushing over my ironing board cover (above).  Great medicine Arlee.
The above was a gift from Larissa, thank you darling we all love it here at 4519.  Do you think it wise for me to put the KMnO4 paper in the post, or should we wait for Canada Post to sort out its issues???
And if that wasn't enough to get be back on the straight and narrow I just need to look at this fellow,  who is telling me to get off my backside and do the zen-fib-itee (which is a short form name for my next continuing project.... which involves Zentangles, Fibre and Graffiti.... Yarn bombers eat your hearts out.  I can't wait to get into lettering again.
The image by the way is of a Community Arts Project (as if) on the wall outside the coffee shop at ACAD.  A coffee shop whose name amused me though I can't think why right now and don't feel like going to their website to find out.
Now off to stitch well into the night to get the warty-branch finished.

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