Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Beginning stitching

Sorry this image is a bit blurry.
Began with a dyed and rusted paper, overlaid some rust dyed interfacing.  Then a little stitching and quick flash with super hairdryer and bingo.  It is just pinned up on a wall (with a KMnO4 dyed IKEA mini-frame) in a dark corner of the studio -  hence the blur.

Lucky to have, unexpectedly, an hour or so in the studio on Tues...


Quilt or Dye said...

Absolutely beautiful!

arlee said...

cable stitch? wondrous!

karin said...

Thanks - do you think it works with so little stitching? I thought it does but what people do is go right up close to inspect the work and that makes me feel like a cheapskate, although I do believe (shakily) that it works.
I am surrounded by folks who decorate fabric right now and it made me think about what I do... normally.... tons of stitching on coloured and manipulated fabric. Maybe I overdo it.
Not Cable - Whip.