Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Upside down and round about

Kreative Momentum (4) workshop today was about Cable Stitch, which for those of you who are not British, or not familiar with using the sewing machine for strange activities, means bobbin work where one uses a thicker than normal thread in the machine's bobbin.  It takes some adjustments to the sewing machine and you work upside down, but most machines will stitch a fair Cable stitch - without the blood rushing to ones cheeks.

We had 6 machines in the room and worked from basic machine code! to beginners' Cable.  Amazingly the poor suffering students liked it and want more... I would teach every day if I could....  but I think they still want one class a month.  We all have busy lives.
Anyone interested in dye and progressive stitch workshops do email me.
No photos of this class - but I hope to get some shots of their work up soon.
Plan for tomorrow ACAD Grad show and bookshop - a spoil-myself day.

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Unknown said...

You are so lucky to be a FULL TIME Artist - I wish I could be one too!! I am so looking forward to NY in July - am going to see if I can find lots of textile related things to see. Would love to come to Calgary some time too! Do you ever have contact with Laura?