Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Thanks to all at Contextural and the critique meeting last night I am even more inspired and have decided to sign up for the Artists Residency at ACAD (Alberta College of Art and Design).  The group are really a talented crowd who teach me so much and generally keep me buzzing along.

So today I have been working on Pink Lady a particularly delicate Nudibranch (they will all have latin names eventually, I might go for Italian rather than latin as giving organic art forms latin names is a bit passé (don't you think?).  I have continue with the colour swatches of Opulence Acid dyes (see below), Stitched a couple of patchwork squares and done some recording of worm types.... essential as I am getting rather confused and need to get to the dye stage with these creatures as I am losing the plot rather.  I think i have 6 species so far.

Don't ask about the jelly beans.  But let's just say it is allegorical for what goes on in my head for most of my waking hours.

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