Friday, November 6, 2009

Using the Big P.

The outcome of yesterday's experiments.
I don't like the plastic look of undiluted Paverpol on silk - ugh - but it did maintain the fine shibori gathers of the previously gathered and dyed silk, but needed fairly constant attention over a 1.5 hour period, including retying with thread.

I do like the way it can support the split quilt wadding without filling in the holes, visually you don't see any 'paint/glue' there and I can still stitch into it, but not everywhere - as some areas are too dense and hard to get the needle through.
Today I have continued experimenting.
I need an air gun!


arlee said...

Do you mean a hot air gun? Princess Auto has them very reasonably priced---or you can trade your embellisher for mine :}

Karin Millson said...

No, sadly.... I need a paint air brush... something to squirt the thickish liquid as a spray.... once my Shibori it made. The Paverpol website has a discussion which says this isn't possible... but a rep. has told me it is, and the lady in Red Deer has done it too... so I feel I ought to give it a go.