Thursday, November 12, 2009

Shibori 1

Pole wrap - Arashi

I need to build a library of samples of shibori. Shibori is so versatile it can be used in its pure sculptural form with or without dye. It can be used in its sculptural form if slightly stretched out - with our without colour added and it can be a simple method of tie and dye. So to build a library would involve creating many many samples. Here I am going to use imagery to make use of one sample for many purposes.
This is Arashi shibori or pole wrapped shibori.
Shibori is famous for its natural patters and lines. This will become clear as we go on.
The colour here was Procion and is quite pale - I'd like stronger colours for my purposes.
Acid dyes can also be used for colour and fixing the shape.
When using Procion dyes - steaming is necessary to fix the colour and the shape, if the latter is required.
Shibori is often worked alongside Indigo dyeing and I hope to move to this later (winter in Calgary isn't quite right for working with Indigo and I like the idea of seasonality for dyeing).

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