Monday, January 21, 2013

Workshops with Kreative Momentum

Just thought I'd put this out there....

Currently I have several workshops running in SW Calgary and if you are interested in joining small groups of like-minded folk who learn and work in a very relaxed welcoming atmosphere, then drop me a comment below or email  me directly.
Some classes run once a month, others are 2 or 3 times a month.  We make it work for you and your situation.

Workshops for February include:-

  • Fibre Sculpture : An exploration of fibre in 3D, many different techniques covered, felting, shibori, heat distortion, machine embroidery on metal to name a few.
  • Felting (hand/wet felting).
  • Sewing Machine FX (also known as "There is something wrong with your sewing machine, dear").
  • Let's Project : Mentorship towards creating your own projects based on newly learned techniques as you are lead through design and process stages to develop your own individual style of work.  Bravery is encouraged, though not essential ;-)

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