Thursday, August 23, 2012

Old post recently published

It hurts to find an old post in the draft section... I had written this but not posted as I was waiting for a reply from Jane D.  It came swiftly but I forgot to act on it.  So... Thanks Jane for permission to post your, the link to the tutorials below.

During the recent workshops Jason talked about good and bad ways to finish and display your work.
Today I found this tutorial, about preparing an aluminium bar for hanging work, on Jane Dunnewold's site.  There are other useful tutorials there check out her website
I was so lucky to find myself in Cactus (a new one on me, but you are probably very familiar with this art supplies store/art school in Calgary) when the man was cleaning the floor and thus deepening the colours. I enjoy the these colour chords?

One sees wonderful composition in the serendipitous - one just has to have ones eyes open
See the white stripe as a stripe and not glare from the overhead light and then you 'get' the composition, don't you.
In Digo Ink Splat

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