Sunday, September 4, 2011

Just one example.

I am so excited I am almost hyperventilating.
Sometimes one needs time away from work to reflect and, almost, sleep on it.
And then something, seemingly miraculous happens.  An idea or solution appears in an uncalled-for way.
For me, this spontaneous, sub-conscious, creativity is often my most innovative.
And something happened this morning or last night or over the past 5 years that has now got me thinking of combining my recent work with shibori, and earlier ideas with fishing line and disperse dye together with constructing a fabric from a continuous thread.  This seems so full of potential that I am just thrilled.

And this concept's arrival is very timely.
The workshop with Michael Brennand-Wood requires that we bring along a collection of materials with strong linear qualities as well as reference material (sketchbook, item or imagery).  We should also have materials which we want to work in.  I thought where do I start - silk/synthetic/digital grounds/plastics????.  I have so many areas of interest right now.  But, something has been niggling me recently and that is that I have left the work with fishing line and plastic behind.  The work that got me the Redditch Needle Museum award.  Why I did that is easy to appreciate if I look back at the timing and my life since moving to Canada.

It seems that now is the opportunity to pick it up and have sport with it.  Go fishing in fact.

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