Monday, August 1, 2011

Live Wire between UK and Canadian Textile artist

Just checked into an email from Jan in England and found a couple of links that might be interesting to record here. This season is a busy time in England for textile artists as shows abound around the country.Thanks Jan for sharing - looks like you had a great time at the shows.
Whilst surfing around these sites I found the work of Yvonne Pedretti.

Immediately I hoped to be in touch with this talented artist.  However it appears from the web that Yvonne passed away recently.  She left  a wonderful legacy that we can enjoy - her creative spirit, though sadly we will never meet.
The one below is mine from city and guilds days:-

I have worked with fibre optics before and perhaps seeing Yvonne's work now and my current project plans will encourage me to take my glass and plastic line work further.  Thank you Yvonne.

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