Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Day 6 - 10

What to show for 5 days' work?  Not a lot... but progress all the same, planning two workshops and finishing off the red monster... photo to follow tomorrow (abw).  I have now tamed my sewing machine and can stitch happily into my Nodular Nudibranch's skin.... skin development involved disperse dye, paper resist and now mass stitch on felt...which just feels right.  Gosh I would love to try this method on an industrial machine.
I will photograph tomorrow - I taught English today... so didn't go into ACAD where Noddy lives.
Excitement over possible workshop on Saltspring Island July 2011.... more on this to follow if the appointment is secured.
And a negative decision regarding Michael Brennan Wood's workshop at Maiwa.  Too bad.  But a decision nonetheless.
Took "4 Creatures and It" (Hey, my next series of works has a name) into the English Class at Bow Valley College and they were made most welcome.  Students correctly identified sea-life as the source material for the series.
At last someone had created a machine that does French knitting... and those who follow my blog will remember:-
On which was attached...
...thus creating a toga belt for the Queen of Sheba... and you may recognise French knitting there... but it is French knitting taken a stage beyond French knitting...Now Take A Step Backwards -  as I tried out my new gizmo... Yes that's me, (appearing for the first time ever, nearly, on my blog) I have to come clean at this point I AM the soon to be well-known criminal - 'F' (as in 'Z' for Zorro)  - IF I were a yarn bomber I think I just came up with a name for me - or is the correct word 'handle'?
(funny word that...and from the online dictionary....gizmo |ˈgizmō| (also gismo)
noun ( pl. -mos) informal:    a gadgetesp. one whose name the speaker does not know or cannot recall :the latest multimedia gizmo.ORIGIN 1940s (originally U.S.): of unknown origin.)
Sorry for the rambling nature of this blog entry it is merely because I actually have very little to say.

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