Saturday, June 5, 2010

The first week - a look back

Achievements for the week:-
Found my feet - Feel comfortable now and can work and feel very fortunate to have access to  the environment of ACAD's fibre department.
Have been blessed with demo. of emusioning a silk screen, exposing it and washing it out. (Thanks Anne).
Have permission to take the door key to the loo!!! or room 244 - that is truly a gift and not normally (ever) allowed.
Set up procedure for paper pulping, lifting, couching and drying.
Have everything needed for working on worms in home studio.
Comfortable with facilities for acid dyeing.
Iron-dye of paper in progress- tests only.
2 (only) sketches from my photos of bark.
New worm piece to created.

All in all, a successful week's work, which actually amounted to 4 days in the studio and 24 hours (only!)

Plans for next week:-
Carry out light sensitivity test on paper and improve this if possible.
Couch big pieces of paper.
Stitching on paper and shibori.
Stitching on silk.
Acid dye test with new ("unknown content") fabric, from Fabricland's sale...
If iron dye is successful move on to larger scale pieces.
Finish lesson plan for  Kreative Momentum "Development of cable stitch" (for Wed).  Tricky when so much of my material, sewing machine etc are now at ACAD.

It is an exciting time.  But for now a busy weekend ahead, with ballet practise, friends staying overnight and John home from northern BC... visit by our landlady... Oh the pressure is on.

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