Thursday, November 5, 2009

Paverpol - could be the answer

Jan, my stitching buddy in England was kind enough to send me a booklet from a group she belongs to Fibrefusion. I dip into this from time to time for inspiration. The latest occassion I was researching a way of giving my sculputal forms some rigidity and was led to find a supplier of Paverpol in Alberta. I had not heard of Paverpol before.

Today I took my first tentative steps north of Alberta to Red Deer and there I was treated most generously to the kindness and knowledge of Brenda at Black Sheep Design Studio We tried some ideas and I have brought home a can of Paverpol to have a go with.

Stay tuned (or 'clicked - is it?) to see the results.

On the way home I went to buy a healthy desk lamp for my work table on Brenda's advice and visited Shoppers Home Health store where I asked about teeny tiny silicon disposable gloves... so for the first time in my life (or maybe the second,,, I seem to remember Anna giving me a few pairs once in the 90s - Thanks again Anna) I have feeling in the end so of my silicon clad fingers....

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Unknown said...

good to hear you have more gloves!! It is a shame I don't have any or I would have sent you some!! You are lucky living in a place where textile art (in whatever form) is accepted and enjoyed. We still have very limited access in this part of the UK. Can you send me you snail address privately please. Love ANNA