Saturday, April 4, 2009

Die dye dye

That is - "Mum why does the kitchen smell of burning plastic...?" It doesn't dear it is just that I have let the steamer pan run dry and you can smell the over-heating metal. This was unlike the previous time Daniel alerted me to potential danger in the kitchen when a plastic box lid had slid out onto the element of the dishwasher and filled the room with blue smoke. However it was at this point that John informs me of his concerns for our health with all this dyeing I am doing.
Things to dye for right now:-
Corals, toadstool and hoodoos.... I have a production line going.
Here are some interwoven gloves to prove I do attempt to take care of myself during the process.

Which reminds me of the tie dyed glove installation.


arlee said...

Bras and garter belts???? Probably not, but wow what a sight:}
Yummy colours.
The gloves look pretty damn kewl too---you will have to do something with them too!

Unknown said...

Love the current work - You seem to be ver prolific at the moment - wish I could say the same!! Miss you!